“I look for things to indulge myself in, but also not to lose money, the goal is always to make money” – Akaravech, owner

Developer & Project Partners

A former developer in Bangkok, where he successfully launched Office Central in Sukhumvit, Akaravech sold his shares in the building and went in search of something more exciting. He was specifically looking for locations close to Phuket’s world-renowned beaches, keeping in mind that this popular island was getting bigger and better.

Being a former financial adviser for several businesses and spearheading the building of hotels, hospitals and schools, Akaravech knows the money game well: “I look for things to indulge myself in, but also not to lose money – the goal is always to make money.” He believes tourism is key to reaching this goal. “I strongly believe that Thailand should do nothing but tourism,” he says.

But it’s not all work and no play for this successful businessman. He likes to play and loves rich boys’ toys: “Spoil yourself in the right way,” he says, “and you will be abundantly rewarding yourself!”Bodybuilders Share the Worst Mistakes They’ve Made in the Gym primo bodybuilding 44-year-old pro bodybuilder drops dead of a heart attack while on the treadmill | the gateway pundit | by cristina laila


“Spoil yourself in the right way and you will be abundantly rewarding yourself” – Akaravech, owner

Our concept is to develop affordable, low-density villas for a small community of entrepreneurs, investors, couples and young families who are looking for luxury living while enjoying a very achievable return on their investment.

We have designed the villas based on the most wanted accommodation types: 1-bedroom with an option to accommodate 2 couples or a family, with own pool and the privacy of natural surroundings – the apartments are built around the trees.